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Our cases come in two formats:

Size 1

Universal covers with leather holders that are compatible with almost any kindle or eReader brand with a 6 inch screen.
Sold in boxes of 10.

Nook - Glowlight, Glowlight Plus & Simple Touch | Sony - PRS-T3 | Kindle - All New 8th Gen eReader (July 2016), 4th/5th Gen, Paperwhite (inc 2015 model), Voyage, 7th Gen, Touch (2012), Fire HD 6 Inch | Kobo - Touch, Glo, Aura and Aura HD

Size 2

Universal covers with infinity grip technology that are compatible with most tablets with a 7 inch screen.
Sold in boxes of 8.

Nook - HD 7” | Apple - iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 & Retina | Nexus 7 (1st and 2nd Generation) | Kindle - Fire (non-HD), Fire HD 7 (inc 1st, 2nd, 4th Gen and £49.99 2015 model) | Samsung - Galaxy Tab 3 7” | Hudl | Kobo - Arc 7, Arc HD 7

All products are provided barcoded and boxed, with each unit having an 8cm belly wrap with barcode, sku and signed by the maker from our workshops in the UK. We sell in minimum quantities of 10 units per product SKU (Size 1) or 8 units per product SKU (Size 2) and ship worldwide based on location, total dimensions and weights of the total order. This will be automatically calculated at checkout.

Select Designs

Regular Classic Display Books - Set 3

Regular Classic Display Books - Set 3


Create a traditional library aesthetic over large shelving areas
using our precision printed display book boxes:
  • Set of 4 book display boxes with matching tops and sides
  • 1.55 metres total shelf coverage with max H 31cm, W 180cm, D 14cm
  • Box 1: W 41 cm x H 26cm; Box 2: W 39.5cm x H 25cm
  • Box 3: W 38cm X H 24cm; Box 4: W 37cm x H 22.5cm
  • Boxes concertina for easy storage and shipping
  • Made from bookbinding paper bound on durable 3mm board