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Forty Years of Bookbinding

Our resident Book Binder Philip Bradburn founded the Manor Bindery in 1976 after completing his apprenticeship at our workshops in the New Forest, Hampshire. As the demand for this highly skilled craft diminished, Philip saw that faux book products and interiors would become important to the architecture and interior design industry. Initially creating beautifully crafted real leather bound spines, the creation of resin moulded faux leather book spines quickly followed to allow for larger imitation library projects to be completed.

These false book panels are still very much in demand today and Philip and his wife Lorraine continue to train our craftsmen and women to the highest standards in colouring and gilding to provide the most realistic antique book finish possible.

As design projects have become more creative and challenging in modern times, we have now developed a precision printed imitation leather and cloth spine range that can be mounted on flat panels or display book boxes with matching tops and sides. This clever, versatile product can be customized to fit almost any library format, theme or colour scheme.

Philip has cleverly moved with the times and more recently invented our highly successful book themed covers for eReader and Tablet cases. Our KleverCase consumer brand was born from this and continues to flourish with daughter and son in law team Chris and Ria Logan at the helm.

We are a true British family business that promotes quality craftsmanship, a personal service and supports local businesses and people. Feedback regarding our false books, tech covers, service and product quality has remained excellent throughout our 40 years in business and we strive for that to continue in future.